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Crete is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and the biggest island of Greece. Heraklion is the capital city of Crete is consisted of 4 big towns. From east to west, Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, and Agios Nikolaos. Also Ierapetra is not a capital of any municipality but it is a well known and high volume visited town next to Agios Nikolaos.

The largest volume of tourists visit Crete from Heraklion AirportChania AirportHeraklion Port, or Chania Port (Souda Port) and Rethymnon Port.

Crete is a big island and in order to explore all the secrets of it you will need to rent a car. Car hire in Crete is available at locations of pick up and drop off like Chania Airport, Chania, Chania Port, Rethymno town and Rethymno Port, Heraklion Airport, Heraklion Port, Heraklion town, Agios Nikolaos Port, Agios Nikolaos, and Ierapetra.

Helping you to explore Crete we will make for you a sort briefing about the cities of the island.



Chania is located at the east part of Crete Island. With population at about 60.000 inhabitants Chania is the second largest city of Crete. The Municipality of Chania occupies an area of about thirteen square kilometers. Well known for its Venetian Port  Chania has got influences from Minoan years. Also you can realize a Venetian era at one of the most beautiful towns of Crete.

As all the island of Crete, Chania also has a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and calm winters. Chania is located at the area where the Minoans build Cydonia. As the archaeologists say the area of Chania was inhabited from Neolithic years.

The Vizantine years were from 395 to 824 in a period which we don’t know a lot about Chania history.

After the Fourth Crusade (1204) and the fall of Byzantine rule in the area, Crete was given to the Momferratiko Boniface. He decided to sell it to the Venetians for 100 Silver marks. In 1252 the Venetians managed to subdue the Cretans, but their opponents in 1263 Genoese, with local support, seized the city under the orders of Enrico Peskatore and kept it until 1285, when the Venetians returned. Chania were chosen to be the seat of the General Commissioner of Crete and flourished because of their position as a commercial center, but also as a rural area.

Ottoman Era

Nevertheless, its walls were unable to prevent the Ottomans from to occupy the city in 1645 after a two-month siege. The Turks landed near the monastery of Gonia in Kissamos, which they plundered and burnt. Laid siege to Chania at 2 August 1645. The losses on both sides were huge (especially the Ottomans). The Ottoman Commander was

executed on his return having missed more than 40,000 men. Later most of the churches were converted into mosques and the city's riches were transferred to the seat of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul.

The Modern Era

In 1898, during the last movements for independence and Union with Greece, the great powers made Chania the capital of 1898 the Cretan State, with High Commissioner of Prince George. The Palace is located in the District of Kasteli above the old port. To explore Kastelli "Rent a Car Chania Port" is an available pick up location at autocretecarhire.gr

Chania is a very touristic place. A lot of tourists every year visit the town of Chania in order to explore beautiful Cretan beaches and the sun of Crete. Platanias is a place near to Chania were a lot of hotels are located and a lot of tourists live in that neighbor. Car rental at Platanias is available by autocretecarhire.gr car rental platform.

Also a pick up or drop off location at Chania is Anapafseos.

Tourists are visiting Chania from Chania Airport Ioannis Daskalogiannis and Chania Port. Chania Port is located at the Golf of Souda, and Chania Airport is situated

14km from the town of Chania. Rent a car at Chania Airport or rent a car at Souda Port and a vehicle will be waiting upon your arrival.


Rethymno is the 3rd biggest town of Crete after Heraklion and Chania. Rethymno is a town full of life all over the year. There is a tourism destination for a lot of

tourists at summers and due to the University of Crete which is located at Rethymno, the town hosts more than 10.000 students. The population of the municipality of Rethymno is about 34.300 citizens according to the  inventory of 2011.

The town of Rethymno is builded at the same place where Rithymna was builded. The current city is built in the same location as the ancient Rithimna or Rithymnia. Evidence for the existence of the city from the 5th-4th century BC. BC and is mostly silver and copper coins, which brought on one side the head of Apollo or Athena, and other Trident or two dolphins or goat. By cutting those currencies it seems the city was developed with significant trade. Maybe they had developed relationships with the Ptolemies, who had renamed Arsinoe. Is limited information that we have at our disposal for the Byzantine period. Remarkable testimonials do not exist until 1204, when the Venetians bought from the Frankish conquerors of Byzantine Crete, against 10,000 Silver marks. Then begins the period of Venetian domination, which reaches up to 1669. The Venetians originally routed the Genoese of Enrico Peskatore and settled on the island. However, special attention was given not in development. They were interested more in their possessions in mainland Greece and the Ionian


In 1538 the Hayreddin (Khair ad Din) Barbarossa (Kokkinogenis), Admiral of the Ottoman fleet and privateer of the coasts of Algeria (Mparmparias), attacked the island.

The Venetians decided to build some fortifications. Surrounding the city with wall length 1400 m (today completely destroyed damaged), while leaving the sea side exposed. It was easy for the pirate Ali Oloytz to conquer, in 1562. The Venetians, realizing their error once routed, builded for him the famous Castle of Fortetza, extant today. The Fortezza Rethymno's emblem represents.

The 16th century finds the city in great spiritual unfoldment. Many artists and scholars working Rethymnians  not only in Greece but also in Venice. Important personalities are Marcus Musurus (1470-1517), Emmanuel Tzanes Mpoynialis and his brother Marinos Tzanes Mpoynialis, creator of the saga "Cretan War", Nicholas Vlastos, Zacharias Kallergis, Emmanuel Lambardos, the painter Georgios Chortatzis (Erofili, Gyparis, With), etc.

This period of prosperity ended abruptly when in 1669 Crete was conquered by the Turks, who led the city into decline. Gradually the inhabitants began to leave, but it was missed. With the outbreak of the revolution of 1821 in mainland Greece, Crete rebelled. The Turks responded with massacres of civilians in several cities, with this first at Chania 15 Kidonies May 1821. Motivated by this episode, the Turks of Rethymno did the same. Within the city massacred over a hundred unarmed Greeks including the Kalergis and John Deligewrgi. Ransacking shops and workshops, women and children captured and interned by the Bishop of Rethymno Gerasimos Perdikaris as and

monasteries Mayors, other clergy and laymen. For three days running and surrounding villages by plundering and killing those who do not have time to hide in the mountains. Up to sixty people were killed in the village of Perivolia, near the Fortress, and many others in the villages of Maroulas, Magoula and between these and the priest George. Even two Turks killed each other in a dispute over ownership of three young women. In the villages around Rethymnon killed about 500 Greeks. Turk named Chatzalakis noted for the ferocity of the killing anyone Christian meet. Those Greeks were rescued in Sfakia and the surrounding mountains, while the Turks barricaded

in the fortress of Rethymno. Without difficulty the Turks stopped  the revolution on the island, as the Cretans were fighting alone and helpless. Feature is the episode of the cave of Melidonioy, in which they were holed up around 370 people (men and women) who did not want to surrender: the Turks threw lighted material at the entrance of the cave, with the result to find the death by suffocation of the incarcerated therein (2-3 October, 1823).

In 1866 broke new revolution. This time the Cretans fought largely helpless and the revolt was crushed. The most characteristic fact of this revolution is the Holocaust of Arkadi monastery (8 November 1866), a monastery 22 km. East of Rethymnon.

With the independence of Crete (1897) the city again began to grow. Built infrastructure projects (roads, bridges). The growth continued, but not with apace, to stop with the battle of Crete in World War II, during which the city suffered several disasters. However, an important part of the (Venetian) old town is rescued, which is until today one of the best Venetian towns in Greece. Also the venetian port of Rethymno is one of the monuments of the town. Rethymno Car rental pick up locations are

Rethymno town and Rethymno Port. Also the seaside area of Georgioupoli, is one of the touristic places of the town. Georgioupolis is located between Rethymno and Chania town. Rent a car in Georgioupoli and you can visit both Rethymno and Chania Municipalities.

The most beautiful beaches of Rethymnon are located at the south part of the island. Agia Galini, Agia Fotia, Triopetra are some of the well-known beaches of Rethymnon.

The seaside village of Plakias is a place that you must visit. If you don’t have a mean of transport autocretecarhire.gr provides pick up location for Car Rental in

Plakias. Enjoy the sea, make sunbathing under the warm sun and eat at the seaside traditional taverns.



Heraklion is the capital and the largest city of Crete. Also Heraklion is the 4th biggest city of Crete which furthermore has one of the most busiest airports of Greece. Heraklion Airport Nikos Kazantzakis is the 3rd busiest airport of Greece after Athens Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos and Thessaloniki Airport, Makedonia.

Due to the inventory of May 2011 the Municipality of Heraklion has 173.993 citizens.

Heraklion is located close to the Palace of Knossos on Minoan culture period had the largest concentration of population in Crete.

The town of Heraklion was built in 824, when they occupied the shores of the Saracen pirates under Abu Hafs. They built a large fortress with an all-round great moat around which the City developed and received and the original Greek: Χάνδαξ name. The Saracens made this city their capital and base of pirate activities, which angered the Byzantine Empire was natural. the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) policy to concentrate on the reconquers of Cyprus. After some failed attempts, such as that of oilseed rape, the Reigning decided to finish with the case of Crete. Romanos Ii at Basel. and Joseph Brigga Premiership, commissioned to Master Nicephorus Phocas (the later Emperor Nicephorus Ii Phocas) preparation and leadership of the campaign.


Heraklion is an important port in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport connects the city with the whole world and there is planning on replacing it with a new international airport at Kastelli Pediados.

The northern road axis of Crete V.o.a.k. offers access to the largest cities of the island. The national roads Heraklion-mires and Heraklion-Arkalochori connect the city with the Interior of the County.

Rent a Car Heraklion Port or Car Hire Heraklion airport are available pick up and drop off locations provided by the autocretecarhire.gr car rental service.



Hersonissos is located 26km east from Heraklion between Anisara and Stalida. Hersonisos is an area which developed due to tourism and in a few decades it became the busiest tourism place in Crete.

Hersonissos has more than 3.000 permanent citizens due to the inventory of May 2011 but this number is multiplied every summer due to the workers who are employed at the tourism businesses and off course the thousands of tourists who enjoy their holidays at Hersonissos.

Hersonissos is officially known as port of Hersonissos because some years before at this place was the port of the village Ano Hersonissos, the place which today we call Old Hersonissos. Ano Hersonissos is located 2km south from Hersonissos seaside area and was developed at the 1960 due to tourism. Since then Ano Hersonissos was just a small village.

Rent a Car in Hersonissos is available through the autocretecarhire.gr , also Car Rental Hersonissos is a pick up or drop off location in order to make your selection.



Amoudara is a touristic place at Heraklion. Hotels in Amoudara are located at Amoudara Beach, which is one of the crowdest beaches of Heraklion. Hotels in Amoudara is a very good option for the tourists that are looking for calm and quiet holidays at the island of Crete.

Amoudara is situated 4km from Heraklion. Enjoy your holidays in that magnificent place and Rent a Car in Amoudara from our unique car rental Amoudara service.

Agia Pelagia


Agia Pelagia is situated 18km west from Heraklion. The Area of Agia Pelagia became well known before 40years when Capsis Group discovered Agia Pelagia area and decided to invent in the area. Nowadays Capsis Hotel is the biggest and most luxurious Hotel at Agia Pelagia area.

Agia Pelagia has a short sandy beach, the gulf of the area is sheltered from strong winds and bad weather. The Agia Pelagia's constructions are builded in an amphitheatric way. Such a manner makes every room to have wonderful view at the gulf of Agia Pelagia.

If you want to explore Agia Pelagia there are a lot of choices. You can move either with a bus, or a taxi, a bike, or Car Hire Agia Pelagia is an option at autocretecarhire.gr Car Rental Agia Pelagia system.

Agios Nikolaos


Agios Nikolaos (Agios as called by most Cretan), is the capital of the Prefecture of Lasithi and is located on the North coast of Crete, on the Western side of the Gulf of Mirabello. The name came from the Byzantine Chapel located in the Bay of Agios Nikolaos. It's oldest known name, is Mandraki, as there were many Stockyards. Another known name and she still used by residents of surrounding villages, is Gialos.

Agios Nikolaos is the seat of the municipality of Agios Nikolaos. By the year 2000, because of Kapodistrias plan, in the municipality of Agios Nikolaos merged municipalities Pond, Elounda, Kritsa, Kalo chorio, Broycha, Shinias, Louma, Prinas. By the year 2011 and then by law Kallikrates, in the municipality of Agios Nikolaos were merged in the municipality of Neapolis and Vrachasi.

The region's economy is based on tourism, olive cultivation and animal husbandry. Permanent residents according to the Census of 2001 was 19.593. Feature of the city's many beaches, which every year are certified for cleanliness and their benefits.

Agios Nikolaos is the western part of Crete near to Ierapetra. You can rent a car in Agios Nikolaos by our platform and enjoy the area while your holidays at Crete.



Ierapetra is the largest city in the Prefecture of Lassithi. It is also the fourth largest city of Crete and the southernmost of Greece. Located 100 km southeast of Heraklion, 242 km from Chania and 36 km south of Agios Nikolaos. It was based in the province, which partially was re-established as a municipality of Ierapetra.

The last decade the Ierapetra became one of the popular tourist destinations of Crete and attraction of Greeks, Russians, Italians and Germans tourists, because of the award-winning beaches (2nd European seaside Award). The nightlife starts from the taverns of the beach and ends at bars in the narrow streets of the city. During the summer months, there are cultural events "Kyrvia Festival", with many concerts and theatre performances.

Today the city is the only urban center in southern Crete, while is a great Mall agricultural product export to Europe and is the main economic center of the Prefecture of Lasithi.

In the area are some of the most important ecosystems of the Eastern Mediterranean, such as the Golden Island, the forest of Selakanoy, which is the largest and most important in Crete, and the mountains of Thryptis. The tourist settlement of Makrys Gialos is 24 km east of the city. Ierapetra is one of the most beautifull areas of Crete which you will need a bike or a car to explore it. Do not lose the special offers from autocretecarhire.gr to rent a car in Ierapetra or Ierapetra Car Rental as it appears to our system.

At the Municipality of Ierapetra belongs also Makrys Gialos, a wide famous sandy beach with traditional tavernas were a lot of tourists and citizens of the area visit to enjoy the sea.

autocretecarhire.gr has available Car Hire Makrys Gialos or Makrys Gialos Car rental in our car rental platform.



Elounda is situated at the eastern part of Crete. Northern from Agios Nikolaos and south from the Plaka Village. Some years ago Elounda was a fishing village. Elounda citizens were living by agriculture, fishing and salt production.

At elevations around Elounda mined a stone is unique in Greece, the Akonopetra on, a kind of fine-grained Emery by which become known Akonia, used for sharpening tools for many different tasks.

Elounda became the recent years a tourism place well known for its natural beauty and luxury hotels. Elounda is the location of Greece with the most 5 star hotels.

Elounda is suitable for all those who want to enjoy holidays next to the beach in a quiet place. In Elounda you will find  small beautiful beaches and you can also visit the island of Spinalonga. Which became globally known after Victoria Hislop published her book "The Island".

To visit Elounda you can take the bus from Agios Nikolaos, or you can rent a car. In such a way you will be to Elounda in 15 minutes. The trip from Agios Nikolaos until to Elounda is one of the most beautiful trips in Crete.

From Heraklion to Elounda is an 1 hour distance. From Rethymno is 2 and a half hours and from Chania is one hour more.

autocretecarhire.gr Crete Car Rental market leader platform wish you nice exploration of the largest island of Greece.

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