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Heraklion is the capital city of Crete and has the largest population than the other 3 cities. Rethymno, Chania and Agios Nikolaso. In Heraklion is located the greatest port and airport of Crete. Heraklion Airport is named "Nikos Kazantzakis" and operates at about 5-10 million passengers per year. Also in Heraklion is located the headquarters of Grand Church of Crete. The City of Heraklion was hanoured with the War Cross for its resistance and heroism agains Germans during War of Crete at 1941. As the inventory of population at 2011 the Municipality of Heraklion has population 173.993 citizens. Main economic resources for the city are the tourism, agriculture and trade. The industrial zone of Heraklion is located 4km southwest from the city center.

Population of Heraklion

As we previously mentioned the Municipality of Heraklion has 173.993 citizens. Municipality of Heraclion with Nea likarnassos and Gazi have together 192.216 citizens.

History of Heraklion

Heraklion is located near to Knossos Palace which was builded during Minoic Culture and had the greatest gathering of people in Crete. Heraklion city was builded in 824 when Saracinians occupied Crete with their commander Abu Hafez. They builded a big fort with a large circumfenetial moat around it and this gaved the city the name of Chandax.

The Saracens made the city of Heraklion the base of their pirate activities through other islands of Greece, that situation made the Byzantine Empire angry.

In 961 the Byzantines attacked the town of Candia, that time, Nikiforos Fokas forces slayed the Saracens and burned Candia. After they re constrycted the town and kept the command of the city for 243 years.

The Heraklion city in 1204 was boughted by Venetians through an agreement that made from the Crussaders. The Venetians improved the Heraklion's city fortifications with building a massive wall which largest part survives till today. The name of Heraklion town in Italian, Handaq as Sarakens named it was Candia. Several times the Cretans revolted against Venetians. On 8th of August at 1363 Cretans wanted to regain their freedom, through this revolution, by the participation of families like Venier and Grandoniko lead in to Cretans freedom.

In 1647 begun the siege of Heraklion City by the Ottoman Turks, a siege that lasted at about 22 years and during this period about 120.000 Turks and 30.000 Cretans died. This siege finally had as a result the conquest of the city at 1669 from the Kioproulou Fazil Ahmet. During the Ottoman period Heraklion was nowned as "Great Castle" or just "Castle". At this period a lot of Cretans died and was painfull years for the island and especially Heraklion City. Cretans of every gender and age was killed by Ottomans. As we know from historical books at 24 of June 1821 Turks killed in the "Great massacre of Heraklion" the Metropolitan of Cretan church Gerasimos Pardalis and 5 Bishops.

The city of Heraklion was liberated at 1898 and joined Cretan state at 1908 which by her side joined Greece at 1913.

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